Some links…

For now I will post some links to music and code:

Perfomance video


just the standard places, there is also another blog dedicated to my hitchhikers diary project:

hitchhikers diary

Not much there yet, but this will change…

some MaxForLive patches you will find at:

There used to be the cycling’74 share pages, but they are down at the moment. But you can find my patch collections on my DropBox as well:

St.ools for Max 5


St.ools for Max 4

Have fun and post your coments…


About tjshredder

Klanggestalter, Artison, Improvising Musician Creator of "Les Ondes Memorielles"
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One Response to Some links…

  1. moxyy says:

    Thank you for sharing your work
    Irvin in Colorado

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