Wie quälst Du mein Herz – You torture my heart – the jealousy project

On 30th and 31st of August, we premiered our piece “Wie quälst Du mein Herz” at the main station in Berlin.

Based on interviews with jealous people, a universal feeling is explored:
How fast will I become a violent criminal? How do tantra and jealousy fit together? Do reconciliation pills actually work? And: can one recognize a heart tormented by jealousy in the EKG? The music is based on the treatment of madrigals of the renaissance composer Carlo Gesualdo, who murdered his wife and her lover out of jealousy.

  • with    Eva Burghardt, Britta Pudelko, Christina Wintz
  • Text:  Christian Banzhaf, Georg Steker
  • Composition and live electronics:    Stefan Tiedje
  • Idea and direction:   Christian Banzhaf
  • Stage and costumes:    Annett Stenzel
  • Video:    Heike Gallmeier
  • Dramaturgy:    Georg Steker

About tjshredder

Klanggestalter, Artison, Improvising Musician Creator of "Les Ondes Memorielles"
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